17 October 2006

The Limerick Game

My friend C24 invented a fun game in which we write limericks by passing them back and forth between us, writing only one line at a time. We've come up with some terrible ones, which I won't share - but here are some of my favorites.

Written 19 January, 2006:

A man with a gimpy-legged shuffle
was killed by a poisonous truffle
"Alas, I am smote!”
were the last words he wrote
with a quill on the edge of his ruffle.

Written 22-29 January:
A painter who wore a beret
Heard a devious art dealer say,
"Just pretend that you're French
And dress like a wench;
I'll sell more of your paintings that way."

Written 14-15 March:
A boy with a shiny new bike
Had just traded in his old trike
"With two wheels, not three
I can ride fast and free
Since the front and the back are alike."

Written 18 June - 28 August:
I’ll never forget me first nanny
For she’d whack me quite hard on the fanny.
I wouldn’t have minded
Except that I’d finded
She caused pain in me least favorite cranny.

Written 17 October:
The boys at the long wooden table
Make fun of the horse in the stable.
Ah, if only they knew
What that horse likes to do
When he sneaks in the house to watch cable.

One we didn't write, in honor of the math geeks in my life:
A mathematician named Bath
Let x equal half that he hath.
He gave away y
Then sat down to pi
And choked. What a sad aftermath.

And finally, a wonderful example contributed by my Mom:
An erotic neurotic named Sid
Got his ego mixed up with his id.
His errant libido
Was like a torpedo
And that's why he done what he did!

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ThatDarnViking said...

There once was milkmaid from Derry.
Her derriere quite ordinary.
Betrothed to a Dairyman, Named Arnold Herriman
So bustled wed fair Dairy Mary.