08 April 2008

Breaking the Rule of Five

There are several reasons why this piece is significant:

* it is the first piece I made completely in my own studio
* I assembled the first half of the piece while I was in labor
* the blue glass is all leftovers from repairing the stained glass skylight in my house
* some of the blue glass is new, and some is over one hundred years old! (It is a perfect match in color but not in texture.)

Extra credit to those who can deduce why it is called "Breaking the Rule of Five" Click on the photo for an enlarged version for closer examination.

Special thanks to Dan Gamaldi at Cradle of the Sun for his help with the frame!


fred said...

Without counting every piece, the blue bits are all pentagonal, the white(?) are quadrangles. Very cool, and a lot of work!

Hypercycloid said...

Yep, fred, without counting every piece, you've got the Rule of Five figured out... I should have been counting too, because one blue piece is actually four-sided. I didn't discover it until I was assembling the whole thing. I decided it was easier to change the title than change the pattern!

A in SF said...

Well, NOW I finally see it once you told me:

Upper right-hand corner, on the top edge? (Second from right?)

Here I was, looking at every leaded intersection, seeing if you had made one a five-way, after having already noticed and discarded the blue/white pattern. D'oh.

Hypercycloid said...

Nope, almost touching the right side, 2/3 of the way down. There are a few pieces that are technically five-sided but look four-sided because they are hidden a bit by the frame.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I would love to learn to do this.