28 September 2007

Project Mini-Me (Latest Construction Project)

Look what we made! Yvie Rae was born Wednesday morning. (Pronounced "E.V.")

My mother says all newborns fall into two categories: the ones that look like Abe Lincoln and the ones that look like George Washington. So, is Yvie an Abe or a George?


boyhowdy said...

I'm pretty sure she's a George, my dear...

But either way, she's beautiful! Congrats to the newly enlarged family! Welcome Yvie!

Ed said...

I think my sister needs to add a third category. Yvie is gorgeous!
Uncle Eddie

Amy said...

Congratulations ! She is beautiful ... Ill have a think about Abe Vrs George!
Well Done you guys xxxxx

Mandy said...

Congratulations on the new arrival! She is a beautiful baby. :)

...As far as Abe or George, I think George.

Take good care, Mama, Papa, and baby!

hepcog said...