16 January 2007

Inventions/Inventors Quiz

This took me a day longer than it should have to post - I was hung up on the idea that a quiz had to have ten questions. This one has only seven. Answers posted below - no peeking!

1) The wheel/axle combination was invented in:

a) China
b) Mesopotamia
c) Egypt
d) Rome

2) The first televised broadcast occurred in:
a) 1862
b) 1884
c) 1923
d) 1936
e) 1948

3) Thomas Alva Edison's electric light bulb, patented in 1880, used which type of filament?
a) selenium
b) tungsten
c) carbon
d) platinum

4) The first successful use of vaccination was to treat:
a) polio
b) measles
c) smallpox
d) rabies

5) Early computers were developed to:
a) tabulate census results
b) program complicated weaving patterns into looms
c) calculate firing tables for WWII weapons
d) all of the above

6) Which inventor was hearing impaired?
a) Samuel Morse
b) Thomas Alva Edison
c) George Washington Carver
d) Alexander Graham Bell

7) Which invention is generally attributed to one inventor when a different inventor may have actually created it first?
a) the telephone
b) the radio
c) Calculus
d) all of the above

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